Does Not The Mouse Wish to be a Fox

Does not the mouse wish to be a fox

Skulking through the night

Does the fox wish it were a goose

Cackling in a perfect V of flight


Does the lion long for the giraffe’s neck

All the better to see its foes

Does the cheetah long for the hippo’s mud

A place to soak away its woes


Does the lawyer ache for open land

To feel the wind upon his face

Does the farmhand resist throwing down his trowel

And suit up for the clack of a keyboard’s pace


The mouse scurries in cracks

Its tail nipped by a crow’s curious dive

The fox eats bluebell bulbs

Succumbing to frosts it won’t survive


The lawyer waits for the day’s end

To sigh and down his glass

The farmhand packs away his tools

And dreams of marble instead of grass


Does the animal long to be human

And sculpt the world to suit its whim

Or is covetous man’s alone

Belonging to only him?


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